Hermann, MO Chocolate Wine Trail February 16 – 17, 2013   3 comments

February 15 – 17, 2013

This past weekend, my husband, son, daughter, and I had the pleasure of  attending the Chocolate Wine Trail in Hermann, MO.  There are five different wine trails that occur throughout the year and the Chocolate Wine Trail is the first event.  My husband and I have been to a number of the wine trails in Hermann over the past few years and this was the third trail for both our son and daughter (now that they’re all growed up).  When we first started going to the wine trails, we would drive from St Louis to Hermann and return the same day.  It’s certainly manageable to make the trail a one-day trip, but the last couple of years, we’ve stayed at the Hermann City campground in our fifth wheel.  We drive over from St Louis on Friday and set up camp.  The trail event starts on Saturday and concludes on Sunday.  We get a reasonably early start on Saturday by driving to the winery farthest away from camp (in New Haven, MO) and make our way back to Hermann.  We visit five of the seven wineries and then take a break back at the RV.  We find a little nap does wonders.  Then we’re off to the sixth winery, which is a few miles out of town and end at the winery closest to the campground.  We literally can just roll down the hill from the last winery to the campground, although fortunately, we’ve never had to do that.  After a good night’s sleep, we head back to St Louis on Sunday.  There are hotels and bed and breakfast places in Hermann, but we love camping in our RV, so this works well for us.

Hermann, MO was established in 1837 as a German settlement (I guess the land reminded the settlers of they’re German roots).  The town sits in the hills along the Missouri River and is known for its original architecture and prize-winning wineries.  It’s a fun place to visit.

Now about our weekend itself.  My husband and I drove from St Louis late Friday morning and finished setting up camp around 1:45 PM.  We drove to Columbia, MO to pick up our daughter who attends Mizzou.  We made it back to Hermann and sat around for just a little while waiting for our son to drive up from Rolla, MO.  He attends Missouri S & T.  By the time he arrived, we were all hungry, so off we went to eat pizza and drink some local beer.  Once we got back to the RV, my husband started experiencing flank pain.  He thought he had pulled a muscle, but the pain was pretty intense and he just couldn’t get comfortable.  The pain certainly wasn’t getting any better, so we took him to the Hermann Area District Hospital ER.  The staff did a great job and the pain medication worked wonders.  The doctor decided he had passed a small kidney stone (or, as my husband tells it, he gave birth to a small kidney stone), but since the pain had eased considerably and he was stable, they discharged him from the ER after a couple of hours.  My husband had never passed a kidney stone before, but I have to say he was a real trooper.  We went back to the RV and got some sleep.  He was a little drained Saturday morning, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the day.

There are seven wineries that participate in the Wine Trail.  They include:  Adam Puchta, Bias, Dierberg Star Lane, Hermannhof, OakGlenn, Robller, and Stone Hill.  Here is the order in which we visited them and their food and wine pairing.

  • Robller – is located on Route 100 near New Haven, MO, about 17 miles east of Hermann.  Pairing – Chocolate Whoopie Pie paired with Villa Rouge.
  • Bias – driving back west on Route 100, turn right on Hwy B.  Bias is about 11.5 miles from Robler and about 8.5 miles from Hermann, MO and is the near the little town of Berger, MO.  Pairing – Regular Chocolate Truffle and White Chocolate Truffle (I think) paired with Strawberry Weisser Flieder.  Bias also has a microbrewery called Gruhlke’s Microbrewery and the kids had a sample of their beer.
  • OakGlen – Hwy B circles back to route 100.  Turn west on Route 100 for about 4 miles until you see the sign to OakGlen, turning right.  OakGlen is about 6 miles from Bias and 3 miles from Hermann.  Pairing – Cincinnati Chili paired with Chardonel.  OakGlen was also pairing their chili with another wine, but I can’t remember the specific wine.
  • Dierberg Star Lane – located in Hermann on Route 100.  Pairing – Blueberries in a Black Pepper Chocolate-Syrah Syrup paired with Three Saints Syrah.  Dierberg Star Lane features California wines, not Missouri wines.
  • Hermannhof – located next to Dierberg Star Lane.  Pairing – Chocolate Truffle Torte with Norton-Blackberry Ganache paired with Norton.
  • Nap – located in king-sized bed in our fifth wheel parked at Hermann City Campground (easy to do after five wineries).
  • Adam Puchta – located about 3 miles west of Hermann on Route 100.  Pairing – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake paired with Cat’s Meow.
  • Stone Hill – drive east again on Route 100 to Hermann.  Stone Hill is just a few blocks off of Route 100.  Pairing – White Chocolate Popcorn with Raspberry Drizzle paired with Brut Rose Sparkling Wine.

So, did I have any favorites?  Well, taste in wine and food is subjective, so what I like isn’t necessarily what you would like.  At some of the wineries, I enjoyed the wine or the food, but not necessarily the pairing of the two.  I did really enjoy the pairing at Hermannhof and Adam Puchta, but thought the best pairing occurred at Robller.  Umm, umm, umm.

The wine trail ends at 5 PM both Saturday and Sunday.  So, when we finished Saturday, we went back to the RV, had some homemade chili, and laughed at Season 4 of Big Bang Theory (on DVD).  Sunday, the kids needed to go back to their respective schools and we needed to drive back to St Louis.  My husband was feeling even better, which made me happy.  He was probably happy, too.  We always enjoy visiting Hermann and this weekend was no exception, even with the trip to the ER.

Ma Turtle


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