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My husband’s retirement is fast approaching and will mark a new era for the two of us.  This weekend, however, also marked a new era for our two kids.  Actually, they aren’t really kids anymore; they are growing up to be wonderful adults.  But, I’m their mother and that makes them my kids no matter how old they are.

This past Friday, May 17, our son received his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.  He didn’t walk for his commencement ceremonies this year since he had walked for his undergraduate degree (in  physics) two years ago.  Frankly, I think he just didn’t want to sit through two commencement ceremonies in one weekend.  Our daughter graduated on Saturday, May 18, from the University of Missouri with a degree in archaeology and she did walk.  So, we arrived at the Hearnes Center around 3 PM for the 4:30 PM commencement ceremony and sat an additional two hours to watch her receive her degree.  Now, I wish I could say that I took some really good pictures of her walking across the stage getting her degree, but I would be lying.  However, I did get some nice pictures of us after the ceremony, so here goes.


Our college graduate and her very proud mother.

My husband normally takes the photos, so I wanted to make sure we had a photo of him this time.

Proud papa and his little girl.

Proud papa and his little girl.

And now, both of our college graduates.

Both of our kids should be so proud of themselves.

Both of our kids should be so proud of themselves.

In the three photos, you see some rather large columns in the background.  These columns, six of them in total, are all that remain of  Academic Hall, the first building erected on the campus in the 1840’s.  A fire destroyed the building (except the columns) in 1892.  The columns are the traditional symbol of the University and tradition holds that, as a freshman, you walk through the columns in towards the campus.  Our daughter did just that during orientation week.  Tradition also holds that as a senior, you walk from the campus out towards the world again.  Our daughter had just done that before  we took the three photos.  I guess that means she’s ready for the real world now, as ready as anyone can be.

It was a great weekend, one rather symbolic for our family.  All four of us are preparing for the next phase of our lives.  It should be exciting!


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