Our Summer 2016 Travels   Leave a comment

We have quite a trip planned for our Summer 2016 travels.  We bought a second RV, a 25 ft travel trailer, to accommodate smaller campgrounds found in many state and national parks.  And since I’ve used up much of the space on this blog site, I decided to create another blog site that will detail our journeys in the travel trailer.  You can get to the new blog site by clicking on Tales from the Snail Shell.  This new site currently only has posts on our 2016 travels, but I’ll be adding additional summer travels as the years progress, each with their own page.  If you clicked on Summer 2016 from the home page of Tales from the Turtle Shell, well, you’re already on the new site.  The Summer 2016 link will only detail our travels for this summer, but you know more travels are in the future.  🙂  Just stay tuned.  Tales from the Turtle Shell is our main blog site and we direct most folks to that site if they are interested in our travels.  I figured it was easier to keep the main site and link our travels as they occur.  I hope this isn’t too confusing.


Posted September 10, 2016 by turtleshell1 in Summer 2016

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